C.L.E.W.S. Philosophy

  • C.L.E.W.S. preschool is a Christian setting for the growth and development of children.

  • C.L.E.W.S. along with the importance of academics, puts a Christian emphasis on choices and expectations.

  • ​C.L.E.W.S. recognizes that children need to grow wholly: spiritually, emotionally, socially, as well as cognitively and physically.

  • C.L.E.W.S. combines play and learning with activities that are age-appropriate, experimental, sensory and manipulative.


  • ​C.L.E.W.S.small group setting enables children to interact with peers and adults helping to develop social skills

​​​Christ Lutheran Early Weekday School

14700 S. 94th  Avenue  Orland Park,  IL  60462

​ ​C.L.E.W.S.


   Thank you for considering C.L.E.W.S. Preschool.  We provide experiences that enrich each child’s cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual development with caring, experienced teachers in a loving Christian environment. C.L.E.W.S. Preschool offers small class sizes, where learning is developmentally appropriate, hands-on, fun, and incorporates individualized educational activities.

   Cognitive skills that will be integrated in each class include: colors, shapes, number skills, math readiness, letters, reading readiness, and pre-writing. Social skills that will be integrated in each class include: sharing, listening, practicing manners, taking turns, using thinking skills to solve conflicts, expressing needs and wants, self help skills and promoting positive relationships. Spiritual values that will be integrated in each class include: songs, stories, Bible verses, prayers, discussions, and crafts.

   We strive to maintain open communication between home and school.  Parents are invited to visit the school at any time.  If you are interested in observing a class, please call for an appointment at 708-349-0171.