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Dearest Mrs. B, Ms. Jill & Pastors & Leaders of Christ Lutheran Church,
    Since attending Teddy Bear Picnics for the 3- year-old class, as well as the one for the 4-year-old group, I have felt compelled to write to you about your program.  My 3rd grandchild will be in the “4s” group next year, with 2 more soon to come.  I can’t tell you how thankful & am & how very blessed I feel to have my little ones have such a remarkable opportunity.
    This program surpasses any that I have encountered, and does it in so many ways.  It is so nurturing of each child’s very nature.  They teach social skills, values, respect & a love of our Lord & Savior.  In my mind, the academics they study here are of secondary importance (and I am a teacher).  Children in this program all know that they are loved & highly regarded as individuals.  It is innovative & dynamic, with children being encouraged to explore the rich environment provided—all things that young children love--promoting personal & spiritual growth.
The caring & acceptance that the students feel within this amazing program is borne out in the number of siblings that return to visit during these special programming events.  It is obvious that the relationship these teachers have with the Lord, flows into their interactions with the children.
     This program is a remarkable ministry to your community—a wonderful evangelical tool that has the capacity to reach countless young people and whole families.  I am so impressed with this program that I could see it serving as a model for any church-related ministry.  Even adults could learn from the lessons taught at CLEWS.
       Your congregation is truly blessed by this program, and in turn, passes the blessing on to each child and family that walks through your doors.  This program and the teachers speak and live out the name of Jesus each day in the love and acceptance shown.
Mrs. B. has created much more than a wonderful educational program for pre-school children.  She has fashioned a Christ-centered, loving ministry that would witness to any heart.  I am eternally grateful that you have shared this gem with 5 of my grandchildren, & look forward to all of you special days and programs for the next few years.
In Christ’s love,
Julie Bauer 

Parent Testimonials

"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6
     When I hear this proverb, I immediately think of the outstanding CLEWS Preschool Program and their exceptional staff. With my first two children in attendance and in the future my 3rd and 4th attending CLEWS, I will say with certainty that CLEWS provides a strong educational base as well as a necessary foundation for families raising children to realize their full potential as servants of God. 
CLEWS has been such a blessing to our family!
Ann Zaremba
Frankfort, IL

​​​Christ Lutheran Early Weekday School

14700 S. 94th  Avenue  Orland Park,  IL  60462



     CLEWS preschool is an extraordinary program! The level of care, compassion, and individualized attention each child receives is astonishing. Mrs. B and the other teachers are amazingly talented, passionate and nurturing and have a God-given gift for working with children! 
     This program merges academics, play, socialization and spirituality in a warm and inviting classroom environment. Children are provided with the fundamental knowledge, skills, morals, and values to help them succeed throughout their future education and lives. 
The curriculum is incredibly detailed - incorporating hands-on activities, fun projects, songs, and games which are catered towards the themes and units each week.  My son is so excited on preschool days to go to class and discover what adventures await! 
      Families are an integral part of the child’s learning experience, from their involvement in home projects, to the many small presentations and activities at the class closings, to the elaborate and wonderful holiday and end-of-the-year programs.
     Being part of the CLEWS “family” provides an invaluable education and life experience for preschool children. I am so grateful that my children were able to benefit from this magnificent program!
Nichole Accardi
Orland Park